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    The challenge:

    A lack of confidence holds us back more than having a poor CV or limited skills*. How can we develop more self-confidence? What new products, services or ideas do we need to develop for us to have greater confidence in ourselves?

    Why we are doing this challenge

    We have continually encountered employers, and employees of all ages and from all sectors, who say a lack of confidence is the single most limiting factor in being able to work and develop our careers. Confidence has always been is crucial for us to be able to go out and sell ourselves, but it is also gives us the courage to really know who we are and identify where our real skills and strengths lie. It is at the heart of creating a vision for where we are and who we want to be.

    We want you, our community, to solve this crisis of confidence. What services do we need to design to help us change careers, or what products must we create to build our self-esteem? When in our lives do we need access to this support, and who should help us deliver this change?



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    *Value of confidence and competence. Anderson et al. 2012


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